About SISOL Chemicals

In 2008, SISOL Chemicals was founded with the goal of marketing and distributing petrochemical products from Asia and the Middle East within Europe and abroad.

2012, SISOL was transformed into LTD.

Our headquarters is located in the Technologiehuis Mol in the province of Antwerp, Belgium.

SISOL Chemicals offers competent technical advice on the use of the products we supply. Our personal Quality Management System ensures that all goods supplied by us meet the highest quality standards. We exclusively work together with renowned specialists to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

SISOL Chemicals serves an individual and detailed technical support to our business partners.

Our specialists can help you to find the best technical and chemical solutions for your specific application.

We guarantee highest quality standards for all deliveries from the source to the final delivery place by personal monitoring of the supply chain.


We manage storage areas for liquid and solid goods in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Dubai.

Download here our general sales conditions.